Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 (aka picture overload)

 Calvin had a birthday!

We went strawberry picking with Mason.

Harry had a birthday!

We went to Calvin's class picnic.

Grammy bought summer jammies!

We ate...

Madeline convinced Grandma to buy the coolest slip and slide ever!

I got to see my friend Jake!

 We spent a lot of time outside.

Calvin picked up this humongous beetle!

We went to Grandma's library and read some books. 

We played... 

We saw cool bugs.

Had fun with uncle Randy.

Ate lots of popsicles!

And we spent a lot of time with Granny Jo! 

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  1. Your boys are SOOO BIG!!! I can believe how fast the time has gone! I miss you!